The traditional Mexican corn tostada, crunchy, natural and delicious that cannot be missing from your table.

Original Tostada

Original Corn Tostadas Charras Amarilla. Ready to eat. Ideal to accompany your favorite dishes.

Red Corn Tostadas

Tostadas Charras (Red Corn Tostadas). Northern Mexico’s favorite kind; always ready to eat, ideal to accompany your favorite stews.

Chipotle Tostada

Tostada Charra Chipotle Corn. Delicious and spicy flavor. Ready to eat.

Jalapeno Tostada

Tostada Charra Jalapeno Corn. Ideal to eat plain or along with your favorite dishes. Ready to eat.

Jalisco Style Tostada

Ready to eat. It has the perfect texture to accompany your favorite dishes.

Homemade Style Corn Tostadas

With a delicious flavor, crunchy, resistant, and ready to eat. Ideal to accompany pozole, ceviche and all your favorite stews.